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The Weekly Chic: Target Fall Finds

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Welcome back! I've decided to turn my Weekly Chic's into blog posts where I can discuss each outfit and explain the products more in depth. You asked and I answered, today's finds come from TARGET! I recently got a few items from there so this is perfect timing to dive into this category!


Incase you're new here, each week I come out with a "Weekly Chic". This is pretty much a virtual newsletter about deals, styled outfits, or products from a certain online store. I try and choose things from clearance, sale racks, or just lower priced finds. Don't get me wrong, I love to splurge, but I also understand that not everyone does. I want to make sure these are items everyone can enjoy!


Outfit #1

Ok. I'm OBESSED with this one. I like to call it "New York Meets Fall". The sneakers are so IN and are only $35 (Steve Madden dupe). The top is structured fit while the leather pants bring a different texture to this outfit. You could even wear any of these pieces seperately with jeans, a tee, or leggings. This look is super trendy and fun. It might not be for everyone but it's a great comfy yet chic look for all ages and body types!

Shop Sneakers: HERE

Shop Pants: HERE

Shop Top: HERE

Outfit #2

This edgy look can be worn SO many different ways! Mixing your prints & graphics is a great way to spruce up any outfit. Add in a jean jacket too, this one is lined which is perfect for the cooler weather that's coming. The booties are a no brainer and can be worn almost all year long. Graphic tees are a MUST-HAVE piece right now, they'll be trending for a while so you might as well hop on the train!

Shop Jacket: HERE

Shop Booties: HERE

Shop Pants: HERE

Shop Graphic: HERE

Outfit #3

This outfit is an ALL DAY look! Wear it to church, work, lunch, or dinner! I actually bought these slide last year and I absolutely love them. They're super comfortable and warm which is always a plus. Midi skirts are another trend that's here to stay for a while so you might as well get you one. Pair this outfit with pretty much any sweater, pullover, button down, or even a graphic!

Shop Skirt: HERE

Shop Shoes: HERE

Shop Pullover: HERE

Outfit #4

This is another super easy throw on! Graphic tee? Check! Trendy sneakers? Check! Faux leather leggings? Check! Leather and Sherpa jacket? Double Check!! I personally have these leggings and while they aren't Spanx brand, for $16 you cant go wrong. These are all pieces you will want in your closet this fall FOR SURE!

Shop Jacket: HERE Shop Graphic: HERE

Shop Sneakers: HERE

Shop Leggings: HERE

A Few More Items I Love...

I hope you liked this weeks "Weekly Chic"! Feel free to leave a comment below with any suggestions you may have. I'd love to hear any feedback of things you want me to focus on, highlight, etc! Next week I'm thinking Amazon, thoughts?


The Chic Next Door

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