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Get Organized with TCND

As a personal stylist, it's important that closet spaces are functional for my clients. That's why I offer a "Curated Closet" package. Not only do I want to serve their style, I want to serve the space that contains it.

Before shopping and styling my clients, it's important that we start with a clean slate. An edited and organized space is the only foundation we can build off of.

Here are some of my best organizing tips, my favorite organizing tools, and WHY they are all important for your wardrobe.

Best of: Organizing Tips

  • When you wear and/or wash an item, use the hanger as a 'bookmark' when putting the item back.

  • Hang your tops by color, then sleeve length.

  • Hang shorts/skirts with clip hangers and fold pants in half.

  • All hanging items should face the left or the door depending on your closet layout.

  • Be aware of what’s going in and out of your closet. Our closet spaces sometimes become “catch-all” areas for random things. This can make getting dressed unnecessarily stressful and overwhelming!

My Go-To Tools

  • Decorative Bins: store accessories, smaller, and/or more fragile items.

  • Shoe Storage: increases the function and saves space.

  • Drawer Organizers: increases function and space.

  • Velvet Space Saving Hangers: gentler on your clothing and saves hanging space.

  • Velvet Hanger Clips: gentler on your clothing.

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My "Why"

Why is this all important for your wardrobe?

The purpose of physically organizing (folding, hanging, categorizing, and color coding) is to increase the utilization of your clothing. When items are unorganized, your space becomes dysfunctional. If everything has a place, you can see everything at once and style yourself easier!

The purpose of organizing tools (bins, hangers, shoe racks, etc) is to increase the longevity of each piece and the function of your space. By using the tools listed above, your are ensuring your clothes are being stored properly. Without these tools, it makes it harder for our clothes to stick around!

Physical Organizing + Organizing Tools = Taking care of your space!

Taking care of your space = taking care of your clothes!

Interested in this type of service? Click here to reach more and schedule a Style Call to get started!


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