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Are you drowning in your closet? Do you feel overwhelmed, embarrassed, or annoyed with your current wardrobe? This is an all in one service which includes: editing, organizing, and analyzing of your wardrobe and style.  Perfect for first time clients who needs a clean slate with their closet space!

Style Call

Every service starts with a 20 minute "Style Call." During the call, we will discuss your goals, wants, and needs surrounding your current wardrobe. Be prepared to ask any questions, I want to be as transparent as possible! Next, I will evaluate your space (through photo's and/or video's) in order to give you a proper quote for your project. I take into account the amount of expertise, quantity of items you have, time it will take, and supplies needed to best serve you. Average pricing is around $1,400, however, every closet is different, so every quote will be different!


Closet Edit

The first portion of this service begins with editing your wardrobe. You do not need to present for this process. I create and sort your items into 2 categories: keep, and giveaway. Once I'm finished you will come in behind me to "affirm" my work. This is a less stressful and overwhelming approach that has worked well with all of my clients.


Closet Organizing

After editing, I begin the organizing process. Your payment will include the cost of bins, hangers, and any other organizing tools I need to accomplish your goals. Based on the volume and size of your space, this is usually the most tediuos part.


Closet Analysis

This service includes a closet analysis. This is a document filled with personalized styling and shopping information specifically for you. I list the clothing pieces you're lacking and other suggestions to fill the gaps in your wardrobe. If you choose to continue working with me, this will smoothly propel us into seasonal shopping!

Let's Work Together!

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