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Chic Approved Holiday Shopping Guide

Updated: Nov 21, 2022


I take pride in my gift giving skills. This is one of my favorite ways to show my loved ones that I'm thinking of them. The whole process of finding a perfect gift is so enjoyable for me. The most rewarding part is watching my loved ones LOVE what I have gotten for them.

So what makes me qualified to tell you how to shop for gifts? I've received a degree in Fashion Merchandising, I worked in the retail world for 8 years, and now I've been personally shopping for 3 years. Along the way, I have learned a lot about shopping, retail, and finding items for others. I hope this post can help you remove stress from the gift buying process and allow you to finally ENJOY giving gifts!

For Her:

Whether it be your wife, girlfriend, mom, daughter, sister, etc. the key is to find something special they normally would want but would never buy for themselves. For example, one year I gave my Mother-In-Law a personalized hand painted globe. She has traveled to many places around the world that hold a special place in her heart. The globe was something she normally wouldn't have bought herself but now she loves to display her adventures in her home.

Gifts for women don't always have to be sentimental. They can be an experience or luxury! Many women practice self care (nails, hair, skin, etc) but they often have to cut these practices when time and money become tight. These types of gifts are perfect for a gal who would appreciate the excuse to pamper herself!

In my experience, some women also tend to make lists of things they want. If you want to ensure she will love her gift, there's nothing wrong with giving someone exactly what they asked for. If you want to go above and beyond, gift her an item she wants plus a small special present she didn't see coming. She will love the small surprise and will appreciate the extra thought put into it.

Ideas for Her:

  • Gift a Service from TCND

  • Mani/Pedi

  • Massage or Facial

  • At Home Self Care Tools

  • Fun House Slippers

  • Plush or Silk Robe/Pajama's

  • Personalized Makeup Case

  • Handmade/Customized Painting or Jewelry

  • Moms: personalized items of their kids

  • Fur Moms: pet subscription boxes or personalized items of their fur babies (phone cases, drawings/paintings, etc)

For Him:

People always complain about shopping for men but in my opinion, they are by far the easiest. Gift them items that they WOULD buy for themselves. If they love fishing, buy them supplies to help advance their skill. If they love eating out, give them a gift card to their favorite restaurant. Men will appreciate the excuse/money saved to do what they love to do or have something they need. Done! Easy peasy.

Ideas for Him:

  • Hunting/Fishing gear or tools

  • Gift Cards: restaurants/breweries, car wash or detailing, TopGolf

  • Brewery Tour

  • Bottle of his favorite alcohol

  • Set of drinking glasses

  • Grilling tools and gear

  • Video games

  • Fun gadgets for the home (massage gun is trending this year)

  • Pj's, house shoes, and underwear

  • 1 Year subscription box (hot sauces, beef jerky, jelly, etc)

For Them:

Want to knock out two birds with one stone? Give one item to two people! Couples tend to appreciate gifts they need or an experience to do together. This is your chance to get creative!

Parents with small children would love an excuse for a date night or time to spend together. Newlyweds? See what they didn't receive on their registry. They will appreciate an appliance or tool they need but don't necessarily have the money for right now. Multiple couples in your family? Gift all of them the same type of date night or appliance. One gift for everyone and DONE!

Ideas for Them:

  • Date Night: restaurant and movie gift card

  • Parents: free night of babysitting

  • Newlyweds: an item they didn't receive off their registry

  • New homeowners: appliances or gadgets they would enjoy

  • His and Her items: tumblers, robes, slippers, coffee mugs, etc.

  • Couples massage

  • Cooking class

  • Wine/beer tasting & tour

The 3 Don'ts

There are many other things to keep in mind when shopping for great gifts. If you truly want to step up your gift-giving game, the main goal is to be intentional.

  • Don't overthink it, let it come naturally to you and remember the reason for the season. In the end, not about the gifts. It’s about the effort. A little thought will go a long way. People will notice and they'll appreciate that more than the gift.

  • Don't be afraid to gift something that someone has specifically asked for. Just be careful to check with other friends/relatives to ensure you aren't double gifting anyone!

  • Don't break the bank trying to give everyone fancy gifts. Sometimes the smallest presents mean the most. Your family/friends will understand your budget. They don't expect expensive items, and if they do, they might not be worth shopping for!

Special gifts are sentimental, loved gifts are unexpected, and appreciated gifts are needed.

If you've read this far along, thank you! I hope this blog was helpful. I pray you and your family have a beautiful holiday season.

XOXO, The Chic Next Door

P.S. Take a look at my special holiday services & pricing now through December 25th. These make a great gift too!

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