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Part 1: Sell My Closet

Welcome to the Services Series! For the next few weeks, I will be diving in about each one of my services. There are so many ins and outs to this business and I want to be sure you have all the resources you need to choose which one is best for you!

I wanted to start off the series with this service because it is, by far, the most inquired. There are few to zero companies who offer this, which is a huge a reason I wanted to incorporate it into my business.

How did I come across this? of my very first clients came to me with an issue before diving into her closet & personal shopping needs. "I have a whole closet dedicated to things I want to giveaway." I asked, "Do you mind if I take a look?" After realizing her dilemma, I said "You could totally sell most of this stuff for cash! I wouldn't give it away yet!" She replied, "I've tried Poshmark and I've tried Facebook Marketplace. It is so time consuming trying to juggle my life as well as uploading pictures and product information. On top of that you have to pack/ship in a timely manner. I would rather get rid of it!" After much thought, I realized she's right, no one has time for all that. Poshmark is so tedious, if your pictures aren't perfect and your descriptions aren't thorough, no one will buy from you. Facebook Marketplace limits your audience and who wants to meet a random stranger in a parking lot? UM NO ONE. So, this service was created!

Where do I sell the items? Well, after much thought and research, I decided Poshmark was probably the best option. Yes, they take a small fee out of your sales as well BUT they are the most reliable and safe option when it comes to your money and your items. They provide shipping labels, free authentication of any product sold over $500, and free bank transfers. Also, they reach a wide shopping audience all over the world!

So, how does it work? I've put together a little graphic to make it easy to understand.....

How much does this service cost? It's technically free unless you sell something! If something sells, we take 10% of the "sold for" price. That's all. After Poshmark fees, you get 90% of the profits! That's more than consignment stores, which take 60% or more. That's more than Plato's, which normally only gives $1-$5 for each item. And that's way 100% more than if these items were still sitting in your closet or if you chose to give them away! Some things you need to know...…after I receive your items, I will go through to make sure the items are current styles/new with tags/well known brands/in season/etc. I will send back whatever I believe I cannot sell and keep the rest for a 30 day time period. After 30 days, I will send back whatever did not sell along with a check for your profits!

What sells best on Poshmark? Right now these are the items that are needed...

So guys & gals, if you have unworn or unwanted items, contact me today! In the meantime, you can shop all of my clients closets. Join or download Poshmark, using the code “thechicnextdoor”, by clicking HERE.


The Chic Next Door

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