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How to Style One Outfit 5 Different Ways

Mixing and matching your wardrobe can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. Today, I‘m discussing how I successfully styled one outfit 5 different ways.

First Things First: Pick an Outfit You LOVE!

Think of an outfit that you LOVE. Preferably a head to toe look that has several different pieces (ie: a top and bottom). You could definitely use a dress/romper/jumpsuit but variety will be limited. Decide whether or not this outfit is dressy or casual. In this case, my look is very dressy so we will start by dressing it down. If yours is casual, you will reverse this process instead. We will slowly step down the ladder from Dressy ————> Casual.

Dress It Up or Down

Start simple by only taking it down one notch. Let’s pretend I wanted to wear the above outfit to an fun event but the dress code is more business casual. This means my black block heels probably wouldn’t work. Instead of the heels, I replaced them with a dressy sneaker. Even though it was a small change, I transformed this outfit into a different dress code. You could also switch up the jewelry or add a casual bag, etc.

Separate Into Combo’s

Here comes the fun part! Time to start mixing.....either start with your top combo or start with your bottom combo. Use one of them as your base for the next outfit. In this case, I kept my bottom half intact and switched up the top instead. I wanted to keep my monochromatic look going so I went with a white graphic tee. Another sweater, blouse, or plain tee would have worked as well. Throw on a denim jacket, blazer, or leather jacket to add texture and switch up the jewels. BAM! You have successfully taken your outfit to the next level.

Mixing Combo’s

Now that we have successfully switched our tops, it’s time to switch the bottoms. Remember the sweater, skirt, and sneaker outfit? We are going to take that top combo and use it as a base for a new look. To make my top combo more casual I added in some distressed jeans and combined it with the sneakers I have used before. You can also switch up the jewelry/accessories!

Small Changes

Using the same outfit as above, let’s pretend I found out that dinner plans were dressier than I originally thought. I don’t have much time to create a whole new look so instead, I need to slightly tweak this one. When in doubt, switch the shoes (and accessories)! Now we have successfully transformed this look into a whole new one as well!

Endless Possibilities

From here, you can use any of these outfits to mix and match even more! Take one of these combos and switch out either the jeans, tops, shoes, or accessories with different pieces to create totally new looks. Remember: start with ONE outfit, decide whether to dress it up or down, separate the pieces, and then mix!

Thanks for reading along! Feel free to comment your thoughts or leave me any questions below 👇🏼


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