Do you have unwanted or unworn clothing in your closet? Or a giveaway pile stacked high? You know you could make some $ off of them but you just don't have the TIME. I have created this service specifically with you in mind to help you make a profit! This service is only available if paired with another service or package.



Before sending your items off, please make sure they are freshly washed/dry cleaned. Ensure none of the items have significant stains or holes (small picks are fine). Shoes must be new or gently worn. If an item has a tag missing, please send me the items details (size/brand). I will accept ANY & ALL items that are new with tags. Any other name brands, barely worn, and in-style/season items will also be accepted. If you have any questions or uncertainty, please reach out!


The next step would be to mail or bring me your items. If you live in the GBA, please reach out and we can arrange a meet up. If not, it is your responsibility to ship me your items. Upon receiving them, I will go through to ensure all requirements are met. If not, I will send you back any items I did not take at the end of the 30 day period.


The 30 day selling period will be done monthly. You will send or deliver your items to me 1-2 weeks in advance in order to prep them for selling. Then, on the 1st of that month, your items will go “LIVE” for sale on Poshmark. Your selling period will end on the 30th of that month and your payout will be available on the 1st of the next month. For example: send me your items on July 20th, items are processed July 21st  - 31st, items are for sale August 1st - August 30th, and payout is sent on September 1st. I am currently ONLY taking 3 clients a month. This ensures that your items have a fair chance to sell, as well as, to prevent overcrowding in my office and on my Poshmark page. By sending me your items, you are consenting to pricing, negotiating, and selling your items how I see fit. I promise to always try to get the maximum amount in order to benefit us both!


Once the 30 days are up, I will calculate your payout and discuss with you any further details. I will take 20% of the sold for price, after Poshmark's %, and you will receive the remainder (up to 75% of profits)! If any items are leftover, it will be my responsibility to send them, as well as any items I did not take in the beginning, back to you. Also, offer free donation to the Lovelady center if you wish to not keep the leftover items! You can receive your payout in check, PayPal, or Venmo. You will also receive an itemized spreadsheet of each item, the sold for price, the % Poshmark took, my %, and your total.