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Not all edited items are bad! Sometimes there are pieces sitting in your space that are new, unworn, or just un-needed to you. This service is specifically designed to handle these items and earn along the way. The catch: you must book a closet service in order to receive this one. Read more on how you could earn some extra $$$ without lifting a finger!


Items are selected during the editing process of my "Total Closet Edit" service. I choose items based on condition, season, and brand. I only accept items that are clean (no stains or holes), new, or with tags. Shoes must be new or barely worn. If an item has a tag missing, you will be required to send me the items details (details, price, etc). I can only take certain quantities at a time and all items are chosen based off my sellers expertise. 


During the prep process, if I notice any imperfections or realize I can not sell a certain item due to condition or other reasons, I will return it to you at the end of the selling period. It takes approx. 4 weeks for me to process, photograph, store, descript, and upload these items to the Poshmark selling site.


The 30 day selling period will start when all of your items are fully uploaded to the Poshmark site. Often, I allow the items a little longer depending on the situation. I'm currently ONLY taking 3 clients at a time. This ensures that your items have a fair chance to sell, as well as, to prevent overcrowding in my office and on my Poshmark page. By giving me your items, you are consenting to pricing, negotiating, and selling your items how I see fit. I promise to always try to get the maximum amount in order to benefit us both!


Once the 30 days are up, I will calculate your payout and discuss with you any further details. You will receive an itemized spreadsheet of each item, the sold for price, the % Poshmark took, my %, and your total. I take 20% of the sold for price. After Poshmark's %, you will receive the remainder (up to 60% of profits)! If any items are leftover, it will be my responsibility to send them, as well as any items I did not take in the beginning, back to you. I offer free donation to the Lovelady center if you wish to not keep the leftover items! You can receive your payout in the form of PayPal, or Venmo.

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