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Feel confident in your wardrobe but would like to broaden your style by getting a second set of eyes each season? This service is designed for previous Curated Closet clients or clients who feel advanced in their style journey. Working season by season, you'll begin to see a more evolved wardrobe and style over time!

Style Call

Every service starts with a 20 minute "Style Call." During the call, we will discuss your goals, wants, and needs surrounding your current wardrobe. Be prepared to ask any questions, I want to be as transparent as possible! This service is a flat $700 for all first time clients. If you choose to do this seasonally, your pricing becomes $500. These prices are based on the amount of time, expertise, and systems needed to best serve you!


Edit & Evaluate

The first portion of this service begins with editing and evaluating this seasons wardrobe. If you're a repeat client, this process will be much lighter than my Curated Closet service package. During this edit, I will be focused on this seasons styles and creating a shopping list based off those needs. I will also be taking a virtual inventory of each item we decide to leave in your wardrobe. This is all documented through your personalized client page.


Virtual Personal Shopping 

With the list we have created together, I close the gaps in your wardrobe by shopping and linking specific pieces to your personalized page. All shopping is done virtually based off your style wants and needs. You can click each photo to directly shop on your own time!



Once you've had time review and shop per my suggestions you'll be better prepped for your seasonal LookBook. This is when I use your current clothing plus your newly shopped pieces to create 25+ personalized styled looks for you! Depending on each project, this can be done virtually or in person. This probably the most fun part of this experience and the icing on the cake to the final project! (examples below)

Virtual Shopping Example

LookBook Example

Virtual LookBook  Example

IMG_3567 2.JPG

Let's Work Together!

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