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Ultimate Gift Guide for Her Under $50

Welcome to The Chic Next Door‘s Ultimate Gift Guide for Her! I have put together 3 different categories of great gifts all $50 and under.

I like to think that gift giving is a little specialty of mine...I try my best to ensure each gift is well thought out, in budget, quality products, and something they will LOVE, not just like. To begin, here’s a few gift giving tips:

  1. When finding ANY gift I always start out with their interests and hobbies. What do they enjoy doing? What is their job? And even, What do they need? Not just ”want”.

  2. Then, I determine the budget and the type of stores or online shops that I need to explore.

  3. When picking out presents, I try to lean towards “splurge items” or items that someone normally wouldn’t purchase for themselves. Something they really like or have always wanted. An item they would still enjoy but never buy it for themselves because it’s not a necessity.

  4. After narrowing down a few choices, the final decision comes down to: will they enjoy this gift? Will they actually use it? Or just give it away in a few months? I always try my best to ask all of these key questions before purchasing!


The first category is for the gal who loves everything relaxing & cozy. This is probably my favorite! These are all items women typically wouldn’t purchase for themselves. When walking through a store, these items might catch their eye but ultimately the purchase rate is very low considering they don‘t necessarily NEED them.


Stocking Stuffers

Next up, stocking stuffers! These gifts are not only just for stockings but are great add-ons to any present. I love the idea of filling stockings with items that the person uses daily. These are the items they spend the most money on throughout the year and it’s a nice gesture to gift the items you know they NEED!



Do you have a woman in your life who loves everything on trend? I picked out a few stylish items she is sure to love! This category, to me, is a little more personal. I would stick to these items for your wife/girlfriend, daughter, sister, or mother. Basically someone in your immediate family. Buying shoes and other clothing item with sizes can be tricky, if you’re not sure, stick to an item with one or no size!


I hope these tips + suggestions help you find the perfect gift for HER! Stay tuned for my Ultimate Gift Guide for HIM, coming soon! What are some other holiday blog topics you would like to see? Comment below with your suggestions!

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The Chic Next Door

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