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Swimwear 101

Hi Chic's!

It's been a HOT minute since I've written a blog post. I try not to force topics and only talk about things when I am truly inspired or passionate about something. After going live on Instagram, discussing swimwear, I realized I could talk about this subject ALL day! So, since I didn't have that much time on the live, I wanted to type out all of my points and add in a few I didn't get to discuss the other day. This is an info PACKED subject so get ready to take notes!

Shopping Tips
  • "Swimsuits are like men...if they don't check all your boxes, they aren't the one."

    • KNOW YOUR BOXES! If you don't know what you're looking for you're never going to find it. My personal boxes are: coverage, confidence, and chic-ness.

  • Know your body type and your measurements! This is especially important for when you're shopping online, really for anything. The sizing chart is your friend!

  • Determine a budget.

  • Do you already own a swimsuit you LOVE? Continue to shop at that store/brand for more styles or buy more colors/patterns of the same style.

  • Be careful to not buy just one style of swimsuit! You're going to want a variety of styles to choose from. The bathing suit you wore at a resort is not the same style as the one you would wear to a family function!

  • KNOW that you're going to luck out sometimes! This is just the pain of swimsuit's important to not have high expectations to avoid stress and frustration.

Tops for Your Body Type

Like I said earlier, it's SO important to know your body type and your measurements. The sizing chart is your friend, don't be afraid of it! Knowledge is power, the more you know the better tools you're equipped with when shopping!

  • Small Chest:

    • Carnivalle: emphasizes chest and broadens narrow shoulders

    • Bandeau: creates curves

    • String: boosts chest and broadens narrow shoulders

  • Medium/Large Chest:

    • Underwire: extra coverage and support

    • Halter: supports and narrows broad shoulders

    • D/DD: specifically made with extra fabric/different cut to provide extra coverage....not sold everywhere but look out for when shopping!

  • Trending Styles:

    • Longline: narrows broad shoulders, provides extra torso coverage (great for tall or long torso women!)

    • One Shoulder: gives support and broadens narrow shoulders

    • Scoop: gives support, flatters neckline, and broaden shoulders

Bottoms for Your Body Type
  • Narrow or Straight Hips:

    • Brazilian/Cheeky: accentuates narrow hips

    • Side Tie: accentuates hips and gives coverage

    • Hipster/Bikini: widens narrow hips and gives coverage

  • Curvy or Wide Hips

    • High Waisted: draws attention to waist, hides tummy, and gives coverage

    • High Cut: elongates legs and accentuates waist

    • High Cut and High Waisted: elongates legs, accentuates waist, and hides tummy


Sometimes you find a swimsuit you love but it’s a little cheeky or shows some slight cleavage. No matter your body type, everyone has to coverup at some point. Maybe to run into a store, walk down the beach, or head to the tiki bar! Depending on the coverage you need or want, here are specific things to look out for when shopping...

  • Full Coverage: short or long dress, no sheerness, and short or long sleeves

  • Medium Coverage: sheer or crotchet dress or tunic top, sleeveless or strapless, short or midi length

  • Light Coverage: kimonos, sarongs, skirts, or shorts

Where to Shop?

I stated this in the Instagram live but I wanted to elaborate...I'm only listing stores that I have personally bought swimwear from or that I have researched and found them acceptable to recommend. I never want to send anyone to a store or online shop that is not trustworthy or does not have quality pieces. In my opinion, all of these places have checked more than one box and offer a variety of styles/prices.

  • Aerie

  • Target

  • Walmart (their brands not 3rd party sellers)

  • Old Navy

  • J. Crew & J. Crew Factory

  • H&M

  • Abercrombie & Fitch

  • Everything but Water

  • Modcloth

  • Show Me Your MuMu

  • Buddy Love

  • Revolve

Q & A
  • Do you recommend Shein or Cupshe?

    • While their prices are great and styles are trendy, I don't recommend going to them for a quality swimsuit that will "check all your boxes." I have only ordered from these sites once and I ended up only liking 1/5 and it didn't last more than one swim season.

  • How do I wear a high waisted bottom without looking like a diaper?

    • Sometimes, for women who are built with wider hips and also a wider midsection, the high waisted bottoms accentuate these areas instead of narrowing them. It's due to the wide band that fits around this area creating a "granny panty or diaper" look. If you're built this way, I recommend trying the high waist and high cut style. The high cut creates the illusion of longer legs and a more narrow midsection.

  • I want to try the high cute style but most of them are cheeky...should I still go for it if I like everything else about the swimsuit?

    • Sometimes style is all about give or take...especially when it comes to swimwear. For me personally, I can accept the swim bottoms being a little cheeky as long as I have a good coverup on hand and the suit checks all my other boxes. In this case, it's up to what you feel comfortable doing. The same rule also applies for tops... are you comfortable showing a little cleavage as long as the suit checks everything else off? I would personally go for it!

Go For It!

Now that I’ve given you all my tips and tricks for swimsuit shopping and equipping you with the tools you need, it’s time to just go for it! Don’t let the swimsuit season scare you away from enjoying the sunshine and summer vacay’s. Sometimes we have to just bite the bullet and do it! Please feel free to message me with any more questions or inquiries you might have about personal shopping for swimsuits. I want you to feel and be the best version of YOU (yes, even in a swimsuit)!


The Chic Next Door

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