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Quarantine Easter Basket Ideas

Hey there Chic!

Since Easter 2020 will look very different for all of us, I decided to put together a few tips for creating an Easter basket during the pandemic. Obviously, Easter baskets are not considered “essential” but you might be stuck at home with nothing to do or with little kiddos who still expect the Easter bunny. If you’re like me, Easter totally snuck up on you. You might still have time ordering online but if you’d rather be safe than sorry here are ways you can use the resources around you! These tips can help anyone create a fun little Easter surprise during this unprecedented time. For her, him, the kids, and anyone in between!

Pick a Theme

I love a good theme! It can help make this process easy by only focusing on a certain category. It also allows you to choose items that you know the person would enjoy. As with any gift, the more personalized the better!

Theme Ideas:

  • Kids: Princess, Super Heroes, Outdoor Fun

  • Her: Relax & Unwind, Spring Cleaning, Gardening, Wine Time/Sipping Tools

  • Him: Fishing, Grill Out, Whiskey Bar/Sipping Tools

Get Creative with Supplies

Try to use as many items from home as you can to save you a trip to the store and money! Reuse previous Easter baskets & eggs, tissue paper instead of colored grass, homemade treats & cookies, and small gifts you bought for other occasions - better known as regifting lol!

Items in Your Home:

  • Reuse previous holiday Easter baskets & eggs

  • Go old school: dye your eggs instead of using plastic ones

  • Make homemade treats

  • Use paper or tissue paper instead to fill baskets

  • Regift items you may have bought for other occasions but can easily work for Easter

  • Have the kids make artwork/crafts to add onto siblings or parents baskets

Shop Local

Use Easter as a way to support your local businesses! Buy gift cards or small products from your local favorites and get them by curbside/delivery methods. You won’t be able to use them all right now but it gives everyone something to look forward to after the quarantine!

Gift Card Ideas:

  • Favorite Boutiques

  • Personal Styling Services (wink wink!)

  • Car Washes

  • Gas Cards

  • Favorite Restaurants

  • Hair Dressers/Nail Salons

Walmart & Target Drive Up

Order pick up (or delivery) from your local Target & Walmart for the remaining items on your list! Make sure to use the “filter” feature to only view local in stock items when searching online.

Store Pickup Ideas:

  • Magazines/Books

  • Candy (duh)

  • Favorite Snack/Drink/Alcohol

  • More Eggs

  • A fun summer bag to use as a basket!

  • Spa Theme: nail polish, hair accessories, bath bombs, eye/face masks

  • Small Toys/Games for Kids (checkout Bullseyes Playground online are Target!)

I hope these few tips help make Easter special for you and your family. Stay happy, healthy, and hopeful!

Happy Easter from The Chic Next Door ✝️

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