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Part 2: Closet Closure

Welcome back to the Services Series! Today, I am diving into different options that my closet consulting category provides. Many clients don't realize that I offer closet organization, closet consulting, and more!

When starting this business, closets were not on my radar. Honestly, I just wanted to focus on Personal Shopping + Event Styling. It wasn't until I decided to tackle my OWN closets that I realized how many clients of mine could benefit from this service. I mean, lets be honest here, when you start cleaning out your closet(s) you quickly realize how much of a disaster your life is (insert laughing/crying emoji's here). No but seriously, my whole thought process was, "oh my gosh" "this is terrible" "where did these random items even come from" "I need to be on an episode of hoarders ASAP" (insert more crying emoji's). This lead me to believe that there are probably hundreds of women who feel this exact same way....

What are the closet service options? You can choose to do the full "Closet Closure Package" which is an in-depth closet and style makeover. Honestly, I recommend this service before diving into more of an 'a la carte' experience. This way, you're not skipping yourself (and your closet) out on anything. You can read the step by step process HERE. However, let's say you don't want new clothing or a personal shopping/styling session. I offer closet organization instead! This is where I will organize, clean, and revamp storage/displays for you. Neither of these sound like what you're looking for? I also offer closet consulting. Do you need help figuring out the next step for your closet? This service is all about diagnosing your current closet's state. This can include shopping & styling items in your closet, figuring out what your closet is lacking, what your next step for your closet is, etc. I feel like I say this a lot, BUT everything is customizable. Seriously. My main goal is to help you in everyway possible!

What if I need closet help that doesn't involve clothing? I LOVE these types of projects. Hall closets, kitchen pantry's, under the sink, coat closets, etc! You name it and I can help in the best way possible. Not everything has to include clothing and shoes. Take a look at some work I have recently done in a few smaller spaces:

What makes me qualified in closet consulting? Working in retail for 6 years, I have met so many women, like yourself. Women who work 9-5 jobs, women who don't work but instead run their households, women who are on a budget, women who aren't, etc. These women are the definition of "The Chic Next Door." I can easily relate to anyone's stage of life because at some point, I've been there or will be there. I understand if you want functionality or not, I understand if you're on a budget or not. I understand if you have 4 closets overflowing or one with nothing really in it. This isn't about "perfect closets." I truly WANT to help you. Yes, this is a business but at the end of the day, I chose this profession because I want to make an impact in your daily life. I truly care about each and every one of you. I understand what it means to be a woman in 2019 and trust me we ALL want the same thing. To be understood, to be cared about, and to live (mostly) stress free.

So, with that being said, let's tackle any closet concern you have today! Email me for a consultation & price quote!



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