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My Leap of Faith

The Chic Next Door has officially been in business for 24 hours....WOW!

The amount of love and support I have received has been overwhelming. I never thought so many people would be so happy for my new adventure. I want to be honest - I was so scared to launch my business. Literally terrified. What would people think? Will it be successful? What if I fail? What if this wasn't the Lord's plan for me?

I hate to get deep with you guys on a Friday afternoon BUT....let me tell you something, God does not place something positive and worthy on your heart unless it is truly meant to be. He just won't. His job is not deceive you or lead you in the wrong direction. His job is to guide you on his path for you, if you allow him.

I honestly feel like I have been a personal shopper my whole life. Like I was legit born into that title. Ever since I started my first retail job, friends and family have always come to me for any clothing or style needs. I have tagged along to help them shop. I've even styled them for vacations, pageants, and other events. I have gone through closets, sold their stuff for them, and even packed a few suitcases here and there. Until recently, I always figured these little gigs were just apart of being in the fashion industry. But, I noticed how much I loved doing it. I've always said "oh this is something I'm going to pursue later in life" or "its just not realistic right now". But just because it's a dream, doesn't mean it can't become a reality.

A little about my credentials: Since I was 16, I have been in almost every retail position you can think of. I'm not gonna go into the gory details of each and every one but I think you get the picture. I graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. I then worked for my internship company for two years, working my way up to manager. I absolutely loved it there but towards the end I felt this tug on my heart leading me to something different. I really didn't know what that entailed until I started getting what I call "signs from above" LOL - I know it's so cheesy but so true. You know when you feel like God is literally speaking to you through other people? Well that was my experience and I decided to listen.

So here I am, I jumped, I took my leap of faith.

I am the proud OWNER of a Personal Shopping + Styling + Closet Consulting business.

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1 Comment

almost went into tears reading this! so proud!

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