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How to Break in a Denim Jacket: 3 Easy Steps

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

At my very first Sip N’ Style party, I had woman bring a white denim jacket as her item “she loves but doesn’t know how to wear.” At first, I was like why in the world would you bring this! Denim jackets can be worn with EVERYTHING. It’s one of the 3 must have jackets in your closet. As I go on, she then tells me her main issue is that it’s not broken in and it’s uncomfortable to wear. This got me thinking...true denim IS hard to break in and wear. We all feel uncomfortable when things don’t stretch with our body when we move. So I’ve put together a few tips and tricks on how to break in a denim jacket...

1. DON’T Wash It (at first)

Most people know that true denim can take up to 30-60 wears to break in and you shouldn’t wash it until you feel as though it’s properly broken in. Why? Most denim will conform to your body and as soon as you wash it, the shape is lost. However, most denim is already pre-washed so it takes less time to break in and creates a shape faster. This is when you use your best judgment. Always hang dry your denim jacket and avoid the dryer. The heat will cause the fibers to break apart and the denim will not last near as long. Bottom line: create the shape you want out of your denim and then wash it to help keep it that shape you created. This goes for anything denim: jackets, jeans, overalls, etc.

2. Wear It

This sounds like common sense. BUT I have found that many people tend to not want to wear their new denim jacket or jeans because they’re uncomfortable and not broken in yet. Well let me tell you, it will NEVER get broken in properly or to your liking unless you wear the heck out of it! Wear it around the house, wear it out, throw it on over your pj’s and sleep in it (okay, maybe too far). But you get the idea! The only way you’re going to break that baby in, is to physically wear it.

3. Don’t Be Too Precautious

When I was doing some research on this topic, I came across a quote that said “treat all your denim like they did in the 40’s and 50’s, wear it regularly and wash them regularly.” Denim was made to be worn, don’t avoid your jeans or denim jacket because you’re afraid of wearing them our. That’s what they were designed for! Frequent wear. When you worry too much, you’re losing the experience of wearing denim all together. “You want these pieces to be apart of your life and to show it!” - Jeremy Smith

So next time you buy a new denim jacket, remember to break it, wear it, wash it, repeat!


Thanks for reading along! Feel free to message me with any more questions you may have!

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