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19 Christmas Decorations for $1

If you know me personally, you know I love Dollar Tree. I go at least once a week for essential household type things or just to browse.

When you’re a new business owner, $$$$ can be TIGHT and I have to constantly bargain shop, even for things I need. This past weekend I went to get some cleaning supplies and came back with 4 bags of Christmas decor LOL! Dollar Tree has officially put out all of their seasonal items and guess what? It’s all $1! Yes. Dollar Tree is one of the only discount retailers that actually sell everything for ONE DOLLAR. So, I ended up buying 35 items and spent $35!

This year I wanted to incorporate a little more “rustic” into my Christmas decor theme. Last year was my first year decorating, I went a little crazy and bought all these ornaments that I ended up not really loving. So, being on a budget, I decided to check out the ones at Dollar Tree to mix in with the ones I already have! Here are the ones I chose:

One of my favorite finds were these Christmas coffee cups. I bought one from Dollar Tree years ago and it’s the BEST coffee cup I have ever owned. (That‘s saying a lot coming from the lady who drinks out of one everyday). So naturally, I bought 2! They have many more patterns and I highly recommend getting yourself one ASAP!

Another fave, are these holiday tuber-ware boxes! These are perfect for baked goods or even bringing a dish for a holiday gathering. I needed more for my family’s annual girls Christmas baking day. I never have enough tubs to store all my goodies after we bake!

Eeeekkk! I’m so excited about this door hanger! I bought a few vintage red truck ornaments / decor at Christmas Village and thought this would fit perfectly with them! I love the red truck, it’s so homey. There’s just something about the trees in the bed of the truck, driving through the snow that makes you think of an old fashioned Christmas......

These were kind if a random buy but they look sooooo good on my living room side tables. I bought two of these little guys to add something extra in a smaller place!

Okay, everyone knows I’m obsessed with organizing & storage so these were a no brainer. I got two and at the moment I have no idea where they’re gonna go but for a $1 a piece I don’t care! (Oh, and I got some of these little ornament hangers cause they’re normally SO expensive elsewhere).

Whoop! More ornaments! These are just standard red balls to add more color to my tree. They had so many different sizes, colors, etc. I highly recommend getting a few $1 tubes, especially if you have a cat (like me) that likes to destroy everything on my tree! Dollar Tree also has so many great wrapping accessories. Tags, ribbon, bows, bags, wrapping paper....they have it all....for ONE DOLLAR!

Last but not least, these pretty little florals are going to look great in my galvanized buckets and spread throughout my tree. Florals are normally so expensive & I love all the variety of these that Dollar Tree offers!

Now that you’ve seen my Christmas decor haul, RUN don’t walk to Dollar Tree! If you live in the Birmingham area, the Vestavia one is where I found these specific items. All Dollar Tree stores should have them or something similar but variety might differentiate.

I would love to see your Dollar Tree finds, tag on Instagram or email me your pics!

Have a happy Tuesday!


The Chic Next Door

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